10 inch acetate EP

2-6 tracks (10 minutes per side)
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Heavyweight 10 inches don't come much heavier than this. For that familiar smell and satisfying clunk when you place it over the spindle, there is nothing quite like a 10 inch acetate dub. Small enough to handle, yet loud enough to pack a punch, playing these dubs is pure bliss (please note, we are currently not able to get hold of the traditional two-hole dubs, so we are using single-hole MDC lacquers).

A 10 inch acetate EP usually contains 2 tracks per side (4 per disc) and runs at 33rpm.

Extra tracks can be added (max. 2 tracks per side) provided the track time per side is around 10 minutes or less.

Acetates - Oldest but still the best

master lacquersAcetates have been around almost as long as sound recording itself. They consist of a perfectly flat, highly-polished metal substrate, coated in a layer of cellulose nitrate lacquer, or acetate. It's this soft layer that picks up all the details of the audio as it's cut into the groove, and gives the format it's name.

All pressed vinyl starts off as an acetate lacquer that's plated up and turned into stampers, so listening to it before its processed means it constitutes the highest reference quality possible.

Dub Studio is one of the only studios in the world to offer a range of acetate discs, and we do it because we absolutely love the sound... not to mention that unmistakable smell.


Use the dropdown menus above to select the number of tracks per side and the type of label you want.

  • Track count: how many tracks do you want per side? Choose any combination you want from the dropdown lists for side a and side b.
  • Labels: our lovely branded labels are free, but if you prefer blank or printed labels we can supply them too (£1 or £5 extra respectively).


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