Dub Studio

Home of the finest quality analog recordings on the world's largest selection of one-off vinyl and acetate dubplates.

We are the leading suppliers of lathe-cut short runs, in every size and format imagineable.

World Class Mastering

The Dub Studio ethos is that the medium we use must always do justice to the music we are working with.

Whether we are mastering dub plates, lathe-cut runs, or master lacquers, we use the same world-class mastering gear, full-range reference monitoring and meticulous attention to detail - because we want every thing we cut to sound it's absolute best.

We always use flawless dubs and razor sharp styluses, giving crystal clear cuts with the least surface noise possible. If a dub is not 100% perfect, it doesn't leave the studio, and we offer a guarantee on all the cuts that do.

Dub Studio has the largest selection of dubplates & lacquers of any cutting house in the world, and with 20 years of experience under our belt, we are the ones to beat.

See here for more info on our mastering and credits.

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Dub Studio
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