I have created a track myself can you offer me any advice on how to improve it to give the best possible cut?

We tend not to give advice about preparing a mix for vinyl, because once you do that, people eventually take it as gospel and do it without thinking or listening. And we don't want that. With almost every "golden rule" there are exceptions, counterarguments and caveats, but what's really important here is to pay attention to what you are doing, and make good decisions that lead to pleasing sounds.

Generally speaking, a good mix will make a good record, so most of the usual advice about mixing down for digital formats and platforms also applies to vinyl. It's also true that vinyl has less tolerance to extreme elements in a mix, but it's really the mastering engineer's job to watch out for those.

The bottom line is, take care, don't do anything crazy, and leave it to us to worry about getting it onto the disc.

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