2013: Chris Goldfinger

In anticipation of our Wuk Up event this Friday, we took the chance to interview one of the UK's most cherished dancehall DJs. His career spans several decades and continents, and the influence his trailblazing BBC Radio 1 dancehall show had on the UK music scene is still reverberating today. We are talking to the man with the Midas touch, Chris Goldfinger.

Henry: What was your favourite sound system before you got involved as a DJ? What influenced you to get involved?

Chris Goldfinger: Living in Jamaica I used to love listening to Stone Love Sound System.

H: Tell us about Asha World, how did that come about? What are they up to these days? Are the rest of the crew gonna be there on the 24th?

CGF: The Asha world Movements are to this date still highly active in the dancehall arena, we tour worldwide maybe more than any other sound in the UK and are always on the road. I will be rolling out with the crew on the 24th. I have a nightclub in London, so some members do have to stay back and take care of that. Asha World came about when the UK needed a change in the way they were being entertained. It was all about the Juggling and away with the single turntable culture.

2010: Grimelock

Grimelock have been steadily building a name for themselves throughout Europe as Belgium’s finest bass-music export, and in 2008 they set up Stainage Records, a label aiming to promote Belgian productions worldwide. We speak to Grimelock's Kalib to find out more...

Who and what is Grimelock?

Grimelock means Hush and Kalib, two DJ/producers based in Brussels. In the past 5 years we have been playing a deadly concoction of grime, dubstep, UK garage, bassline and dub-techno. Before starting this project we had been mixing DnB for some years.