Printed Labels (DayGlo pink paper, large)

Have any images you like on a set of printed center labels with an optional sleeve sticker. Send your images to us, and our print technician will help you get them ready for printing. Once that's done, we will print them onto the labels with a beautiful professional finish, using our in-house Xerox laser printer. All you then need to do is peel and stick!

Online Price: £7.00
Print Copies

Dub Size Centre Label Diameter Center Hole Sleeve Sticker Size
12" or 10" 100mm 7mm 75mm x 50mm

Set includes 2 x centre labels plus 1 x optional sleeve sticker as well as a dedicated print technician to help you get your own designs ready for print. If you don't have your own designs, we can also provide a graphic design service (fees apply).

NB: DayGlo pink labels work best with monochrome designs (black only). Any white areas in the design will appear DayGlo pink. Please order one set at a time, and indicate how many copies you want to print using the dropdown list.

  • high-quality xerox laser prints
  • precision die-cut for perfect fit
  • 2 x center labels (100mm diameter)
  • 1 x sleeve sticker (75mm x 50mm)

Save money when you order extra copies!

Label Design

We need to print your design and then trim the outer edge and the center hole to the right size. That means the designs need to go a little bit over the inside and outside edges so we can make the cuts without leaving any blank paper. However, we also need to mount the images on a template, so please send just the circular and rectangular image(s) with no background, so we can paste them straight in.

If in doubt, just provide the images you want printed, plus a "bleed" (a continuation of your design that we can trim off) but please don't include any bleed markers, because they will get in the way, and might end up being left on the label (see details below). Do not include any extra background apart from the bleed area.

For best results, its a good idea to keep all important details (that you definitely don't want to lose) a little way in from the edge so they don't get trimmed.


Record Label design: 102mm in diameter (trimmed to 100mm)

Sleeve Sticker design: 77mm wide x 52mm high (trimmed to 75mm x 50mm)

Each trimmed record label is 100mm in diameter and each trimmed sleeve sticker is 75mm x 50mm (see grey areas below).

Your designs must be larger to allow them to be trimmed (see green guidelines below).

Because the labels are trimmed, any text or important details must be kept a little in from the edge to ensure nothing is lost.

The center hole will also be trimmed, so the design must have a bleed into the center hole.


  • we need clean images to print
  • do not include outer border markings or guides
  • do not include center hole markings or guides
  • only include what you want to print
  • make them a bit bigger than they need to be
  • bleed must cover the center holes
  • please use a sensible font size for your text - if in doubt, make it big