2008: Forensics

As part of our artist features section, once a month we will be tracking down one of our regular clients to find out what they are up to and to get a little insight into the whole dubplate thing. This month we hunted down Forensics.

Black and White Portrait photo of DJ/Producer Forensics

How long have you been producing for?

Started producing as Forensics early 2005, I think. Could have been late 2004! Had dabbled a little bit before then anyway, plus been in a few bands.... but that was really the start of me producing.

2008: DJ Joker

In October we hooked up with DJ Joker.

When you produce a beat do you have any idea what its going to sound like?

Purple. I like to make purple music if that makes any sense.

2008: Rob Smith

In September we spoke to Bristol Sound Legend, Rob Smith.

(photo: relaxmax)

What do you think of the Bristol scene at the moment?

Really exciting..! So much new stuff coming out everyday.. I can hardly keep up. Joker is killing it at the moment.. Pinch, Pev, Gemmi, also great stuff from guys like Phaeleh, Time, and much more, I could go on and on..

2008: Cyantific

In August we caught up with one of the hottest new names in Drum and Bass, Cyantific.

What inspires you to produce, are you inspired by other drum and bass producers, other genres, or something else?

All sorts, Funk, Soul, Electro, Techno,

2008: Dj Pinch

We kicked off the artist feature section in July with one of our longest-running dubplate clients, Bristol Dubstep pioneer, DJ Pinch.

How important is cutting dubplates from a producers point of view? Does it help your production?

Personally I think if you attend a cutting session of your own tracks then it's a great way to develop as a producer.