2010: Grimelock

Grimelock have been steadily building a name for themselves throughout Europe as Belgium’s finest bass-music export, and in 2008 they set up Stainage Records, a label aiming to promote Belgian productions worldwide. We speak to Grimelock's Kalib to find out more...

Who and what is Grimelock?

Grimelock means Hush and Kalib, two DJ/producers based in Brussels. In the past 5 years we have been playing a deadly concoction of grime, dubstep, UK garage, bassline and dub-techno. Before starting this project we had been mixing DnB for some years.

Your stage shows, how do they work?

It depends on the type of event we are invited to play. Basically we’re doing back 2 back sets but we also feature MCs Maelan and Dynamic that back us up on the mic with devastating results. We’re mixing with a computer running Traktor and a Vestax VCI 100 controller, we also use Ableton Live to launch samples, trigger anything and add FX.

What's the scene like in Belgium?

The dubstep scene is really big right now in Belgium. There are a lot of promoters helping to make the scene bigger and stronger, and some good producers as well that are putting our little country on the map (Netsky - for DnB, Janner, BunZer0, Saviour, Science). Sad to say that the French part is not as active as the Flemish, where the parties and line ups are getting bigger and bigger (Untitled!).

Marcellus from GrimelockKalib from GrimelockMaelan from GrimelockDynamic from Grimelock

Tell us about Stainage.

We started promoting grime and dubstep parties in 2005 through underground, confined, heavy-pressure parties called Stainage. By then dubstep was quite new in Belgium and the attention grew quite fast around the local artists promoted during those nights - Bunzer0, Alchemyst, Saviour and ourselves. Some of the biggest UK dubstep names blessed the turntables though we tried to keep it diverse by bringing other bass music flavors to our parties (Jahcoozi, New Flesh).

We set up the label in 2008 and got a distribution deal from Cargo Records. So far we released 4 EPs featuring Belgian producers, both on vinyl and digital:

stain001 > Justice EP feat. Grimelock and Saviour
stain002 > Sound Of Luv EP feat. Saviour
stain003 > Feel the Heat EP > Alchemyst, Grimelock and Maelan
Stain004 > Let the bass Drop EP > Alchemyst, Bunzer0, Grimelock, Saviour

In the pipeline for September: a single from an up and coming crew of Belgian producers called Science. “Motion Tween” is already doing big damage on the dancefloor. It'll be released with a remix from Von D.

Stainage Off The Records (stainOTR) was created last year as an offshoot where we can release free downloads of some of the productions that will never make it to the market.

What is the hottest dub in your box right now?

The amount of good productions is really mad at the moment, so pointing one dub is tough and rather useless.  Still, names like Breakage, Von D or Ramadanman are always at the forefront and we’re keeping an eye on them.

Favourite dubplate of all time?

Hard to pick one, but let’s say – Unknown artist – Unknown. Dubplates often don’t come with a label :-)

What was your favourite gig of 2009?

We had loads of crazy gigs in the past years but Untitled! (20.02.2010) is definitely one of the most exciting parties we played at.

What gigs are you most looking forward to in 2010?

We are playing at a festival beginning of September in Antwerp, Laundry Day it looks really big and we’re really looking forward to that.
To tell you the truth, right now we are focusing more on working our tunes in the studio and do collaborations with new singers and producers.

Any shout outs or big ups?

Big up to : Bun Zero, Dusk Creator, Alchemyst, Dynamic, Maelan, Saviour, Science, Miss Suzy, Chantal, Keywords... and you DubStudio :-)