2008: DJ Joker

In October we hooked up with DJ Joker.

When you produce a beat do you have any idea what its going to sound like?

Purple. I like to make purple music if that makes any sense.

Do you always know what purple means? Is it a fixed idea, or do your tunes surprise you?

Quite a lot recently I'm just picturing purple, and that's what's doing it for me right now.

And you get purple when you make a beat (not literally)?

LOL, umm, most times, sometimes it drifts off. I like to look at pictures. Purple ones.


Mostly pictures like:

Do you like this one (Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket)?

It's OK. I see like cold pad sounds when I see it.

Do you think you could make a beat of it?


So what's the fastest you have ever made a beat?

I don't think its really like that.


I think you can bang out a hard strong idea fast. But that don't mean its finished.

Can you give me an example of a purple beat?

Yes, Electric Sea.

Click here to hear the softer side of Joker's palette.

What's the track you are most happy with?

None yet. I like some, but I am not like "Yeah!"

How do you feel about the mp3 file sharing thing? Does it annoy you that your tracks get pirated a lot, and should something be done to stop it?

Its good and bad, at least your music gets around. There is nothing that can happen [to stop it], its 2008.

What about if ISPs were made to stop people file sharing.

That's impossible.

What's the hottest dub in your box right now?

Rustie Tin.

What is your preferred format from Dub Studio?

10" vinyl dubs, but I do like 12" too.

What's in the pipeline release-wise?

Kapsize 02 with Play Doe (Joker and Rustie) / Tempered (Rustie).

How does it feel to have your own label?

:) :) :) :) :)

Your music is heavily influenced by computer game music, would you ever consider making music for computer games?


Did you manage to dig out an exclusive photo for this interview?


See: Joker's Myspace

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